A year of learning and change.

After spending some time reflecting on how the year has been as a whole, I would put down learning as the biggest thing that’s happened to me this year. One of the best decisions I’ve probably ever made yet was to go back to school to do my degree.

Having hit a peak of sorts and being unable to move forward, it felt like a natural progression to seek an upgrade in skills. School was the only choice that made sense, and as it turned out, it proved beneficial in many expected and unexpected, somewhat romantic ways.

Managing school with work commitments was also a massive challenge, and in that challenge to do so, some liabilities were exposed and some changes needed to bring about progress. While business development plans were in discussion, I was advised to make a very important decision which I think I am currently seeing the benefits of right now.

All the compounding struggles I’ve had to face makes 2016 probably one of the toughest years I’ve had to live, but that’s just one in many more. I suppose, with all the things that happened, it was just life’s funny own way of showing me what really matters and what doesn’t, and I think that all this was necessary for growth to take place.

As an even bigger and even more difficult year looms ahead, I do ponder if I will ever look back at 2016 as a pivotal point of my life and career. We’ll just have to see.

2017 here I come.

P.S. And did I mention? 2016 is also the year of my beloved Milan’s first silverware since 2011! Forza Milan~~


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