Learning from our interviewees

Why I love what I do is because we often have the opportunity to speak to people from all backgrounds. People of different jobs, income levels, different ideas, aspirations, etc.

We have been interviewing individuals from various tertiary institutions and other industries on what they hope to see in organisations they hope to join in future and their leadership.

Some assume that production companies hired to shoot an interview will just go in, setup, get the job done and leave. Maybe leaving a namecard or two hoping for future business, but never really caring about what the interviewee said or what the interview is about. As long as the job is done and the client is happy.

Nothing wrong with that, really. But it’s not the way we runĀ tokuAsia Pictures. As filmmakers, we engage, listen and learn. For us, meeting people, whether for the first or the hundredth time, is a process of discovery.

While we have yet to hire our first permanent employee, the perspectives given during these sessions have enriched us with what our future employees/prospects may possibly expect from us.

Once again, it has strengthened our belief that there is always a learning point to take away from any conversation. Also, people will give you better content if you take interest in their words!

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