Basil is a Singaporean filmmaker with an ardor for stylish visuals with a tinge of authenticity, and a fervent explorer of trends and theories surrounding the film production industry. He is the Co-Founder and Director of his own production company, tokuAsia Pictures.

I started this blog to share a bit about my journey in life & filmmaking, mostly to keep in touch with writing but it has been five years since I’ve had this blog and I see it hasn’t really gone very well (ha ha). But I do come back now and then to post something, admittedly not as much as I would like.

My posts might inspire you in some way and similarly, it might do nothing for you in any way, but anyway I hope that I will be able to convey my views and give my own take on matters, whether candid or serious, on issues that have affected me both positively and negatively in life, personally or professionally!

So read on if you’d like!