2017: Epilogue

And yet another year winds down.

2017 was a pretty strange year with a few gaffes, a scare and some disappointments, but I’m glad to say that it ended on a pretty high note. Learnt new things, made a few bold decisions and met new people.

Coming off the back of a terrible year that was marked by a major change of power and perspective, 2017 seemed like the year to finally, without interference or dissent, act bravely on the direction we’ve wanted to move in all along.

As we discovered, things aren’t always as easy as they seem. Struggled we did, complete our goals we did not, and as usual, personal and professional lives clashed often. However, our collective vision and efforts meant the usual feeling of uncertainty that overwhelmed us on the advent of each new year is slowly waning.

The ship that had drifted off course is getting back on it. I hope 2018 will be the year that we move things full steam ahead.

To all who have showed faith, friendship and trust in me, thank you.


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